EU Artikel 13, Uploadfilter und das Forum (Alles außer Fußball)

holger @, Donnerstag, 21.03.2019, 16:26 (vor 91 Tagen) @ Bruchwegteufel

Da sich hier auch die Aussagen der Pro- und Contra-Vertreter widersprechen, habe ich hier mal den Originaltext.
Ganz clever gemacht, da die Verknüpfung beider Bedingungen "und" verknüpft wurden, um zu den Ausnahmen zu gehören:

"4aa.Member States shall provide that when new online content sharing service providers whose services have been available to the public in the Union for less than three years and which have an annual turnover below EUR 10 million within the meaning of the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC, the conditions applicable to them under the liability regime set out in paragraph 4 are limited to the compliance with the point (a) of paragraph 4and to acting expeditiously, upon receiving a sufficiently substantiated notice, to remove the notified works and subject matters from its website or to disable access to them.Where the average number of monthly unique visitors of these service providers exceeds 5 million, calculated on the basis of the last calendar year, they shall also demonstrate that they have made best efforts to prevent further uploads of the notified works and other subject matter for which the rightholders have provided relevant and necessary information."

Um in den Ausnahme-Kreis zu gehören, muss man unter 10 Mio Umsatz und jünger als drei Jahre sein. Die 10 Mio schafft ja kigges so gerade noch ;-) aber leider sind wir älter als drei Jahre.
Aber ich bin kein Anwalt...


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